Christie Henwood Produce

Christie Henwood Produce offers spray free vegetables from their farm just outside of Parrsboro. They bring fresh produce during the summer months and eggs throughout the year. Giselle Henwood adds to the variety at the stand with her homemade jams, pickles, pies, treats and famous pickled eggs!


Dueck’s Produce

Dueck’s Produce

Dueck’s Produce offers a large variety of produce from May through to the Christmas Market in December. They harvest fresh each week and are well known for their large onions and broccoli. The stand also offers farm fresh eggs. This spring they have  an abundance of radishes, kale and spinach!


Little River Farm

Stephen Sharpes’ Little River Farm is located in Brookfield, Nova Scotia. He harvests each Saturday morning to deliver the very freshest produce to you free from pesticides and herbicides. Everything arriving at the market is produced from seed to harvest solely by him.

This winter season Stephen brings his farm fresh eggs & garlic!


Brookfield, Nova Scotia

(902) 673-3235

Wild Pasture Farm

Wild Pasture Farm

Wild Pasture Farm is owned and operated by Susan and Fabian Hamilton. They have extensive experience in farming through their family and began their business in June of 2014 in Lower Onslow. They raise grass fed beef and lamb and pasture raised pork, turkey, eggs and chicken. You can find them here each Saturday!

12577 Hwy 2
Lower Onslow, NS
B6L 5E5

(902) 899-6563(P)


  • Grass fed beef and lamb
  • Pasture raised pork
  • Pasture raised chicken
  • Eggs
  • Turkey