Christie Henwood Produce

Christie Henwood Produce offers spray free vegetables from their farm just outside of Parrsboro. They bring fresh produce during the summer months and eggs throughout the year. Giselle Henwood adds to the variety at the stand with her homemade jams, pickles, pies, treats and famous pickled eggs!


Connie’s Bakery

Connie’s Bakery is a licensed facility owned and operated y Connie Liebmann. They specialized in German breads like the delicious “Landbrot” or white sourdough, salted pretzels, flat breads AND hot pizza!

Downey’s Delicious

Downey’s Delicious brings a variety of sweet and savoury treats to the Market every Saturday with fresh brewed organic fairtrade TAN coffee. Be sure to bring home whole or ground coffee beans and one of their amazing seasonal pies!



Laura Elizabeth’s Gluten Free

Laura Elizabeth’s Gluten Free was founded in 2009 by Pastry Chef Laura Grant. They focus on hand crafting gourmet gluten free products. Their menus offers a range of making mixes, artisan breads and cookies, to beautifully designed cakes. Catering and dessert tray quotes are available upon request. ***All products are produced in a dedicated gluten free kitchen.


VanderPoel’s Pastry

With over 25 years of experience in European pastry-making VanderPoel’s Pastry is a treasured Truro Farmers’ Market staple.¬†Perhaps most famous for their apple turnovers, they are also known for their cakes, pretzels (salty, cinnamon, cheese), turnovers, homemade soups and sandwiches.

If you need a customized cake for a special event these are the artisans to do it!