Christie Henwood Produce

Christie Henwood Produce offers spray free vegetables from their farm just outside of Parrsboro. They bring fresh produce during the summer months and eggs throughout the year. Giselle Henwood adds to the variety at the stand with her homemade jams, pickles, pies, treats and famous pickled eggs!


KD Hunter Maple Products

KD Hunter Maple Products has been producing maple products for 4 generations off the family sugar woods in Springhill, NS. The family love is strong in their company and it shows through in their amazing syrup.

“We are boutique brand of pure Maple Syrup in Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our pure maple syrup grades range between Golden, Amber and Dark. We produce pure artisanal maple confections such as maple butter, maple cream and maple sugar. This sugar bush operation is off the grid on land that has been in the Hunter family since the 1890’s. We welcome visitors to our camp where we enjoy giving tours of our state of the art boiling camp and a 120 year old building complete with sugaring antique relics. We love to share the process and our passion with the public. You can find our products for sale at the Truro Farmers’ Market every Saturday. Contact us for inquiries regarding wedding, corporate events, wholesale and retail opportunities.”

Sugar Moon Farm

Sugar Moon Farm is a working maple farm, woodlot and restaurant. Their products include maple syrup, granola, pancake mix, maple vodka and maple sweets!


Quita Gray + Scott Whitelaw          

Sugar Moon Farm                       

221 Alex MacDonald Road

Earltown, Nova Scotia


B0K 1V0


Phone:  (902) 657 -3348