Beautiful Brookfield Blooms

Bountiful Brookfield Blooms

Bountiful Brookfield Blooms is located at 41 Upper Brookfield Rd. Flower farmers Scott and Erin Veitch produce quality outdoor fresh cut flowers from June until October. They create custom arrangements for weddings or any occasion during the summer and fall months. They specialize in dahlias and grow between 100 – 150 varieties! Bountiful Brookfield grows a variety of annual flowers including static, snapdragons, zinnias, amaranths, strawflower and various grasses. In addition to annuals they also have a large selection of perennials grown for cut flowers including astibles, peonies, irises, phlox, yarrow, rudbeckia, echinacea, hosta, lilies, and shrubs. During the colder months leading up to the Christmas Market you can will see their creative table centre pieces and wonderful geo-mesh ribbon wreaths.

41 Upper Brookfield Rd
Truro, NS


  • fresh cut flowers

Christie Henwood Produce

Christie Henwood Produce offers spray free vegetables from their farm just outside of Parrsboro. They bring fresh produce during the summer months and eggs throughout the year. Giselle Henwood adds to the variety at the stand with her homemade jams, pickles, pies, treats and famous pickled eggs!


Dick & Margie’s Place

Dick & Margie’s Place brings their produce to the market during the summer and fall months. Dick has been coming to the Truro Farmers’ Market for many years and is has a keen grasp on traditional small scale farming methods.

Dueck’s Produce

Dueck’s Produce

Dueck’s Produce offers a large variety of produce from May through to the Christmas Market in December. They harvest fresh each week and are well known for their large onions and broccoli. The stand also offers farm fresh eggs. This spring they have  an abundance of radishes, kale and spinach!


Hillendale Perennials

Hillendale Perennials

Hillendale Perennials is a landscape plant nursery specializing in container grown perennials. They are a retail production nursery; hence all the plants they sell are grown at their farm located in Hilden. They do a lot of their own propagation and also bring in seed from locations around the world. Their plants are extremely well cared for and will ignite the heart of any garden lover. Offering 100s of varieties of herbaceous perennials throughout the season they have a reputation for quality, unique, hardy and elegant plants. They also produce a number of other specialty ornamental products, plus culinary herbs and mesclun salad pots. Joining us from May to mid-Octover they are a draw for people from all over Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick.

1239 Truro Road
Hilden, NS

(902) 897-6791


  • Perennials
  • Container grown

Kayla’s Garden

Kayla’s Garden brings fresh garden produce from home and a wide variety of fruits from the Annapolis Valley. She creates hodgepodge kits from her garden and The Annapolis Valley produce she brings includes raspberries, plums, and apples.

Red Mountain Farm

Red Mountain Farm is a full diet farm specializing in 3 species of livestock (pork, beef and lamb), an assortment of vegetables and fruits. They are always stocked with their wild blueberries so you can taste the summer even in the depths of winter! Fresh produce during growing season also includes strawberries, rhubarb, potatoes, sweet corn, and pumpkins. They emphasize quality and freshness in everything they bring to the Truro Farmers’ Market each week.